Otzki Wake Experience

OTZKI (Dream, Desire, Achieve)   “Otzki” has evolved into a wellness lifestyle approach to all things , healthy eating, rest and recreation. Your opportunity to experience the only exclusive boutique wake-surf, wake-board retreat.   Six carefully designed lakeside bungalows, awake each morning to be met by sun drenched waters, supplying a rich needed source of feel good vitamin D, that will enhance the joy of your self achieving day ahead. Otzki Lifestyle is the thrill of riding y... Learn more >>

Accommodation – Lakeside lodges

[video mp4="http://wakeboardingthailand.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/rooms_image_mov_cut_7..

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Wake surfing

Dream of living your dream gliding across the smooth waters of our Shamballa lake buzzing with enjoyment carving up your very own endless wa..

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Wakeboard and Water skiing

WAKEBOARDING On our nice chilled out camp you can enjoy all the delights of being in Thailand, wake-boarding into the sunset and be coached..

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Detox and food @ Wake N Soul

Food Experience At Otzki Wake Camp your enjoy fab stimulating breakfasts, energizing lunches, banquet of..

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