Accommodation – Lakeside lodges

6 bungalows situated in beautiful surroundings on the edge of the lake. Staggering views, sunsets, aroma’s of Thai infused integrated nutrition floating across the retreat. Wake N Soul Wellness Retreat has 6 bungalows on site, situated on the lake having views accross the water. All cabins have electricity, showers, en-suite toilets and king sized four poster beds. On site we have a resturant providing breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks and snacks.

Also we have hotels close by to the resort which can be another option but we do recommend to stay on the lake to get the most out of the retreats healthy vibe. The accommodation is a log cabin rustic Thai’ style which creates the most chilled out beautiful vibe across the retreat from sunrise to sunset.  Watch the sun dip across the lake whilst we cook up barbecue al fresco from our varying lake view lounges

The retreat is linked by a inviting series of walk ways which join up the sociable, friendly personal nature of the retreat. If your lucky you might even be able to wakeboard from your bungalow, when the water is high Accommodation Prices range from 1,000 baht per night – 2,000 per night

In total we have 6 bungalows at the camp

Individual prices are as folllows

Bungalow 1 – 2,000 baht per night

Bungalow 2 – 1,500 baht per night

Bungalow 3- 1,500 baht per night

Bungalow 4  1,000 baht per night

Bungalow 5 – 1,000 baht per night

Bungalow 6 – 1,500 baht per night




If you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate write to us.