Otzki Wake Experience

OTZKI (Dream, Desire, Achieve)


“Otzki” has evolved into a wellness lifestyle approach to all things , healthy eating, rest and recreation.

Your opportunity to experience the only exclusive boutique wake-surf, wake-board retreat.


Six carefully designed lakeside bungalows, awake each morning to be met by sun drenched waters, supplying a rich needed source of feel good vitamin D, that will enhance the joy of your self achieving day ahead.

Otzki Lifestyle is the thrill of riding your never ending wave, whether you want to surf or wake it.

The finest Otzki ‘NLP’ progressive ‘Deep Practice’ coaching at your disposal.

A sublime daily mindful experience, deliciously being fueled by our on site, ‘Integrated Nutrition’ health coach. Energizing lunches packed full with amazing tasty cell boosting, muscle repair nutrients. The exquisite evening Thai infusion banquets.

Otzki wellbeing menus, exclusively designed to increase your natural hormone release, to strengthen your immune system and for daily muscle toning and repair.

Enjoy the sensation as your Bio Rhythms balance through Sun & Water within our tree lined island.  Let your body enjoy a well earned deep sleep in our comfortable four poster memory foam beds, relaxing your mind as your thoughts drift into sleep under the glowing stars.


Otzki lifestyle the pathway to feeling amazing, days filled with endless self-achieving, fun filled moments.


When you find the dream place to wakeboard, you need a dream boat to pull you, enter the Super Air Nautique 230!

We are stoked to announce our association with Nautique boats whom have shown to have moved into No1 of the wake-boat design. WBT has taken delivery of the ?Bomb? of a boat a flag ship of the range a Super Air Nautique 230. The wake is amazing! smooth transitions boosting air no other boat can match.

The quality of the wake is matched by the luxurious lounging area in the boats cockpit, with loads of lounging space and a cranking sound system to enjoy the unique opportunity no commercial camps offer, a few on board sun downers watching each other on our amazing sunset rides.

Shawn Murray and Scott Byerly raved to us about the ZR6 400 HP performance of this boat, so we felt the timing is right to link the classiness of the Super Air Nautique 230, to match the quality of what Wakeboarding Thailand at the sublime Shamballa Resort has become.

We chose a colour to blend with the earthiness and essence of what Shamballa Resort is all about, with the WBT ethos of ones optimal experience on the water.

Loaded with extras to enhance your riding such as zero off for perfect GPS ride speed, gated wake shape selection, NSS wave surf system for quick wave switching, multiple custom ballast options giving you, 4,000 pounds of extra weight AT NO EXTRA COST, even more reasons to come and visit unique to the world Sports Wellness retreat, the best destination to acquiring the wisdom in what living and riding/surfing is all about.

Your perfect balance for one wishing to achieve the Optimal ride/surf experience.?

This place with this Bomb of a boat is the place for you.

Slotted nicely in with the super Air is the smaller wake-skate & slalom Nautique. The ideal boat for a no wake zone for those wishing to get a ripping adrenaline rush on the slalom ski, swerving up our homologated slalom course, or ballasting the Nautique up producing a beauty of a wake for those wishing to wake-skate. Now you have no worries of wasting your ride time for the regular falls learning the art of wake-skating, as you have a boat turning on a dime purring next to you ready to go again by the time you popped your feet back on your ride, maximising your ride time at WB Thailand



If you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate write to us.