Detox Week – Oct 20, 2018 – Thailand, Wake N Soul

฿ 70,000.00

This program simply resets the body’s organs to an original healthy cleansed state we enjoyed in our youth.
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The Wake N Soul detox is a wonderful way to take back ‘time’ in your life. It’s suggested that western process diets take an average of ten years off ones life expectancy with a 5 yrs period of chronic illness. What’s included:

  • Detox with wellness doctor
  • Wakesurfing
  • Healthy food
  • Accomodation by the lake

Wake N Soul Detox simply resets the body’s organs to an original healthy cleansed state we enjoyed in our youth. Our food is so so good because its made with love and passion!! We only use foods designed for your carbon body which we call cellular fuels. With our cellular recipe book it enables you to carry on in your day to day lives beyond the initial detox.

Each area of the body is designed for specific fuels through whole foods. Its an area we have gained a unique advantage towards experience and bio-science support, enabling you to reset and turn your body clock back so your life becomes energized.

We not only focus on your taste buds but feed what your body craves at cellular level. Each area of ones inner self needs specific nutrition to oxidise the cells. We create a lot of natural anti inflammatory foods so your muscles hydrate and repair quickly.

By the time you leave, your carbon body will become naturally alkalised, a natural state to remain strong, healthy and minimize disease.

Your detox will be under the guidance of our certified wellness doctor we affectionately call the ‘White Witch Healer’. She can offer you can amazing gift to life for extensive holistic skill supplying guidance to the Royal Family. She mixes ‘holistic’ with science giving you a unique natural experience, creating awareness within you of how your body naturally detoxes. Its a unique experience you will not find from expensive money driven detox retreats elsewhere in the world.

We re-programme your conscious mind to taking notice of your subconscious that is running your body and day to day habits. Giving you conscious control to each area of importance towards your well being. With this experience you will enjoy the advanatages it brings into your day to to day lives.


If you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate write to us.