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A weekend to feed your soul and look after your body.

Otzki Retreat destinations offers boutique day, weekend energising wellness.  All retreats are focused on enhancing health and well-being with an integrative approach, conducted by a team of wellness experts held in intimate retreat-like settings.

If you want to improve your health, find a natural approach for an illness, boost your immune system, reduce stress, have more energy or simply just feel better and full of energy. We are all about Fueling our Adventures. The ethos of all Otzki Retreats is to enhance and promote the health and well-being of each guest, by providing tools to be practised and applied when returning back to everyday life thus increasing health and happiness.

While attending a retreat, guests are exposed to innovative holistic treatments, thought-provoking knowledge from our team of wellness experts and visiting health consultants. Otzki Retreats mission is to provide guests unique opportunities to learn and experience holistic ways of living and healing in full-immersion settings.  Otzki Retreats are designed to not only be enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing but also energetically realign the mind, body and spirit.

Otzki Retreats enable guests feeling renewed, refreshed and empowered to not only apply the tools they learned but leave with a renewed new sense of well-being.  Otzki is about reflect  “learn, experience, apply” philosophy and application. This type of philosophy when followed creates a platform for health transformation and renewal.

Otzki Retreats are ideal if you want to:

  • Learn how to enhance your health and well-being naturally from experienced health experts
  • Experience holistic ways of living and healing
  • Feel renewed, refreshed and reconnected with yourself and others
  • Dine on delicious, fresh healthy cuisine with a Thai infusion
  • Energize and balance your mind, body and spirit
  • Explore and deepened spiritual practices
  • Connect with yourself and others on the same journey
  • Enjoy a day or weekend with the support of amazing health practitioners

What’s included:

  • 2 Nights Accommodation
  • 2 Yoga Classes
  • 4 Wakesurf/Wakeboard 15 minute sessions including board hire
  • 3 Organic meals a day
  • 2 Fuel Your adventure smoothies
  • Holistic Cookery Class
  • 1 Sports massage by the very special Otzki massage guru

Free Health consultation 

Book online or call Sarah 0869946883 or email sarah (at)

Additional information


Book online
or call Sarah 0869946883 or email sarah (at)


You can order additional 2 day detox program. Since the program is customized for you, please contact Sarah to arrange schedules

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