At Otzki Wake Camp your enjoy fab stimulating breakfasts, energizing lunches, banquet of evening feasts to relax repair one after a energetic day on the water.  Our food is so good because its made with love & passion!! Enjoy Organic Thai food, with our unique cellular twist.


We not only focus on your taste buds but feed what your body craves at cellular level.  Each area of ones inner self needs specific nutrtion to oxidise the cells.  We create alot of natural anti inflammortary foods so your muscles hydrate and repair quickly.  By the time you leave, ones carbon body will become naturaly alkalised, a natural state to remain strong, healthy, disease free.

Alkalising Bowl

We have an onsite holistc health chef and health coach, so if you have any problems regards to diet you have sure come to the correct place.

Cup of tea with ginger cinnamon sticks and anise star spice on the rustic background

Quick cooking-W+A

You will leave Otzki Wake Camp feeling really inspired and re-energized to take on the world.

Take a look at the sample Menu – http://wakeboardingthailand.com/otzki-wake-experience/otzki-sample-menu/

Also we have written an Ebook covering the healthy meals you get to eat while you at the camp, these truly are amazing foods, to fuel your body! Please check it out.

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If you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate write to us.