Wake surfing

Dream of living your dream gliding across the smooth waters of our Shamballa lake buzzing with enjoyment carving up your very own endless wave.

We bring you a way to enjoy wave surfing no other place in the world can do.  Connect with a location surrounded by natures key ingredients of trees where the sun’s vitamin d energy boosting rays flooding over you, mindfully resonate with the rhythmic calming sound of the sublime barreling wave your mind, body and board is gliding across.
Otzki wave-surfing in Thailand is a unique experience that no other place in the world can replicate.  Your self achieving will excel within in our innovative OTZKI progressive coaching, that enables you learn how to learn to connect your mind and body in such a way that your be flowing the wave, carving turns as good as the pros by the time your holiday is over.
Our exclusive Otzki Wellness Retreat, enables you the luxury of riding when you want to ride on your awakening mornings as your looking across the sun drenched waters, feeling an excitement like no other  in knowing what another great day of self achieving your holiday is bringing, and that when the day is over your mind and body is content, slipping into sleep with a smile with the knowledge, that tomorrow is going to bring more amazing fun moments into your life, as your new mindful enlightened self achievements empowers new dreams to be lived.


You can place the order online and adjust details as you come to the camp or via email.



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